Synonymous with the international jet set, the good life, and great taste. This is one of those places in the world that you always want to go back to.
Punta Del Este has it all. That’s why it's known the world over as "the Pearl of Uruguay." With crowded as well as solitary beaches, it has both intensity and tranquility. From fast food to sophisticated restaurants, you'll find all the noise or simplicity that you could wish for. That's the main reason why people who love to have a variety of options choose Punta del Este. There's noise and tranquility, sports and leisure, fame and anonymity, refinement and simplicity.
Throughout the entire summer Punta del Este is the South American nightlife Mecca. The options are limitless. From the bars situated on the harbor or a walk down the main avenue "Gorlero," where you'll find stands and shops with the top world-brands as well as several bars and restaurants, to the discotheques on the beach that will see you through the night to the dawn.
The Hostels for backpackers of Punta del Este are an inexpensive lodging option where you´ll be able to meet people in the same situation as you, who are looking for entertainment and a fun time.
SummerBus is a backpacker’s bus transport that takes you door to door from your Hostel in Punta del Este to the next Hostel of your destiny.

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