With small dirt roads, giant beaches and small wooden huts, Aguas Dulces makes the perfect place for those who wish to travel light, have patience and lots of books.
It's the perfect place for relaxing. Here you can spend your time playing on the beach, traveling along the coast (a witness to several shipwrecks), drinking máte with friends, walking along the narrow streets in the afternoon or getting together with friends at one of the restaurants.
Aguas Dulces (Fresh Water) owes its name to the fact that it's so easy to find pure fresh water. All you need to do is dig a shallow well for the freshwater to emerge
The Hostels for backpackers of Aguas Dulces are an inexpensive lodging option where you´ll be able to meet people in the same situation as you, who are looking for entertainment and a fun time.
SummerBus is a backpacker’s bus transport that takes you door to door from your Hostel in Aguas Dulces to the next Hostel of your destiny.

 Hostelito el Gato

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