Cabo Polonio is a natural reserve, isolated from civilization. It can only be reached by walking 9 km through the dunes, or by means of special vehicles.
The tranquility of its beaches and the subtlety of its structures create a paradise.  Once there, you'll feel as if you were in another world and quickly lose all notion of time.
Beautiful wide and warm beaches, the lighthouse, and the local craft stands make this the perfect place to spend the day. During the night this tiny town is draped in candles and lamps that display their light until dawn.
With no electricity or running water, but with a unique landscape, Cabo Polonio is one of those places in the world that enchants and relaxes everyone who chooses to visit. 
Cabo Polonio attracts both regional and international tourism with its unique landscape surrounded by large dunes.
By decree of July 20, 2009 it was declared a natural area protected as a "National Park." Off the coast there are three small islands known as the "Islas de Torres" (La Rasa, La Encantada, and the Islote). A large sea lion reserve is located here and these sea lions may be seen from the coast.
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