José Ignacio is a rocky point that juts about a kilometer into the sea, creating natural bays on each side. One is a calm beach with its small fishing boats and magical sunsets, the other a turbulent beach with impressive waves. Entertainment personalities have chosen to build their summer homes here in recent years, which have increased its popularity. Its restaurants are a great attraction for those who wish to savor not only the best fruits of the sea, but original dishes and those of the latest trends as well.
All of these characteristics have transformed José Ignacio into a tourist attraction whose popularity is constantly growing. People arrive from all over the world to visit the last relic of Punta del Este.
The Hostels for backpackers of Jose Ignacio are an inexpensive lodging option where you´ll be able to meet people in the same situation as you, who are looking for entertainment and a fun time.
SummerBus is a backpacker’s bus transport that takes you door to door from your Hostel in Jose Ignacio to the next Hostel of your destiny.

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