La Paloma is one of the oldest and most beautiful beach towns in Uruguay. Both the cold of winter and the heat of summer are ideal for getting to know two different versions of La Paloma. During the summer the number of tourists swells due to thousands of people arriving from all over the world. The downtown is small, but is sufficiently equipped so that you’ll have everything you need during your stay. Avenida Solari is the main street, and to each side you'll find the most modern and luxurious buildings of this small summer town. Here you'll find most of the businesses, a casino, a typical craft fair and some movie theaters that bring life to the area when the sun goes down and the evening begins.
The beaches, each with their own unique geography, accommodate the varied tastes of residents and visitors. There are calm beaches, such as those in the bay; beaches turbulent with the movement of the waves, such as Anaconda; beaches where you'll see the best sunsets in the world, such as those seen from the Balconada; and beaches such as los Botes where you can walk for hours.
The Hostels for backpackers of La Paloma are an inexpensive lodging option where you´ll be able to meet people in the same situation as you, who are looking for entertainment and a fun time.
SummerBus is a backpacker’s bus transport that takes you door to door from your Hostel in La Paloma to the next Hostel of your destiny.


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