Valizas can be defined by two words: "rustic" and "beautiful." These two words perfectly summarize the spirit of this beach town.
During the day the beach is a must. Most activities have to do with sea and sand, but you can also practice trekking and walk to the Valizas River, which leads to a magnificent and impressive ombú forest, visit Lake Castillos, climb Buena Vista hill, or simply read a book on the sand.
A huge sand dune at the edge of the ocean called "El Gran Vali," is ideal for sand boarding during the summer.
At night just let yourself go with the craftsmen, the music and candombe coming from one of the pubs, or the simple magic of seeing one of the clearest and star-filled skies of the world.
The Hostels for backpackers of Valizas are an inexpensive lodging option where you´ll be able to meet people in the same situation as you, who are looking for entertainment and a fun time.
SummerBus is a backpacker’s bus transport that takes you door to door from your Hostel in Valizas to the next Hostel of your destiny.


 Valizas Hostel

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