The city of Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. It holds the enchantments of modern society and progress, as well as the bohemia and history that may be observed along its streets.
Within the city of Montevideo you can visit the neighborhood of Parque Rodó, with its 25 hectares of gardens that add color and oxygen to this great city. Not far from here is the Batlle Park, where you can visit the Centenario Soccer Stadium, where the first World Cup in history took place in 1930. The cup was won by the hosting country: Uruguay.
One of the best activities, whether at night or during the day, is a trip to the Ciudad Vieja (the Old City). Here the Gate of the Citadel, which protected the city from possible invaders until 1829, still stands. Within this historic compound you'll find the most beautiful and picturesque colonial buildings: the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Cabildo, the Solís Theatre, and the Torres García Museum, among other attractions. "El Mercado del Puerto" (The Harbor Market) is one of the icons of the Ciudad Vieja and therefore should be visited by anyone passing through Uruguay. Here you'll find the delicacies of typical Uruguayan gastronomy including a great variety of meats, the traditional "Asado," fish and seafood.
One of the most important events regarding the city resides in its people, which is none other than the Carnaval of Montevideo that takes place during the month of February. This folk festival, par excellence, takes place on the avenue 18 de Julio, the city's main street. It not only gathers people from all over the country, but tourists from all over the world who come not only for Carnaval, but to experience all of the possibilities of this great and beautiful city.
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